Farm Biosecurity

Farm biosecurity is everyone's responsibility.

Protecting your property

Simple biosecurity measures built into everyday practice can help protect your property from weeds, pests and diseases.

Farm biosecurity is your responsibility, and that of every person visiting or working on your property.

Here's a biosecurity checklist to help you protect your property.

To find out more about implementing a biosecurity plan for your property:

Contractor obligations

Under the Biosecurity Act 2014, all Queenslanders have a 'general biosecurity obligation' to manage biosecurity risks. With respect to the onshore gas industry, this Act applies to any petroleum operators, their contractors and staff working on a property.

The Land Access Code 2016 also requires petroleum operators to take all reasonable steps to ensure they don't spread weeds, pests or diseases when carrying out authorised activities.

For more information on these regulations, visit our page detailing the regulatory framework.

Plant Health Australia has developed a simple set of guidelines for contractors to ensure they don't spread unwanted pests when working on farming properties.