GFCQ Interactive Gas Map

The GFCQ Interactive Gas Map (the GFCQ Map) gives the public access to view and download geospatial data and information relating to various Queensland onshore gas industry activities in their local area.

  • Start using the GFCQ Map by selecting a Local Government Area and clicking ‘GO’.
  • The ‘LAYERS’ drop-down box displays current datasets available for each Local Government Area – these can be toggled on and off.
  • Zoom in on the map to activate the ‘Property (Lot on plan)’ Layer
    • Note: Petroleum Wells, CSG Wells and Water Bores Layers are all interactive – click the icons displayed on map to see their ‘current status’.
  • Download a map summary via the ‘DOWNLOAD SELECTED INFORMATION (PDF)’ button at the bottom of the GFCQ Map.
  • Click here for the GFCQ Map’s ‘LAYER DEFINITIONS’.