The GasFields Commission has extensive knowledge on the complexities of policy and regulation regarding the onshore gas sector. The Commission actively provides feedback to government and non-government entities policy positions through submissions, with a focus on managing and improving the sustainable coexistence of Queensland landholders, rural and regional communities, and the onshore gas sector. Examples of these submissions are below:

November 2023 | Australian Government Future Gas Strategy Consultation Paper
Response to the Australian Government with a focus on the Commission’s experience in facilitating sustainable coexistence between landholders, regional communities and the onshore gas industry.

August 2023 | Lake Eyre Basin Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement
Formal response to the Department of Environment and Science on its regulatory impact statement. The regulatory impact statement focuses on ensuring Queensland’s environmental protections achieve a balance between ecological sustainability and future economic prosperity for the region.

June 2023 | IESC’s Draft Information Guidelines Explanatory Note: Subsidence Associated with Coal Seam Gas Production
General feedback provided to the Independent Expert Scientific Committee (IESC) to ensure the explanatory note was fit for purpose in the context of the Commission stakeholders ability to access and consume the information.

February 2023 | Improving Queensland’s Land Release Process Discussion Paper
Formal response to the Department of Resources’ discussion paper with proposed refinements to the land release process.

February 2023 | A Review of Coexistence Principles and Coexistence Institutions Discussion Paper
Formal response to the Department of Resources’ discussion paper with information relating to the Commission’s experience in the areas of land access and coexistence.

May 2022 | Draft Coal Seam Gas (CSG) Brine Management Action Plan 2022-2032
Formal response with recommendations for the Department of Environment and Science to consider factors that may enhance some elements of the draft plan.

February 2022 | Draft Queensland Resources Industry Development Plan (QRIDP)
Formal response to the Department of Resources’ draft plan with specific feedback on proposed actions and the Commission’s response to consultation questions.