The GasFields Commission has a wide variety of publications aimed at providing regional communities and rural landholders the information and support they need to make informed decisions and achieve good outcomes when dealing with the onshore gas industry.

Shared Landscapes

The Shared Landscapes Reports combine a range of information from a variety of data sources to provide an accurate representation of gas industry trends. The reports deliver an in-depth overview of the current state of the petroleum and gas industry, including but not limited to development areas, groundwater management processes and compliance.

Shared Landscapes represents a real-time reflection of how two primary industries, gas and agriculture, operate side by side on the one landscape, while both making significant contributions to Queensland’s economy. This information can be used by policy makers, educators, planners, regional communities, landholders and stakeholders to make informed decisions.

Fact sheets and templates

The Gas Guide 2.0

The GasFields Commission Queensland is proud to present the new and improved Gas Guide 2.0 – A best practice guide for landholder negotiations with petroleum and gas developers in Queensland.

The Gas Guide 2.0 brings together all the information landholders need to know about gas development into one concise, easy to read document – detailing everything from the awarding of exploration permits, Land Access and Make Good Agreements, right through to gas field rehabilitation.

Packed with helpful resources and designed to give landholders the information they need to negotiate a fair and reasonable outcome should a resource company request to operate on their land – The Gas Guide 2.0 is the most comprehensive guide to gas development available to landholders in Queensland.

The Gas Guide 2.0 Roadmap

Contained within The Gas Guide 2.0 is a Roadmap poster (A3 PDF) that clearly illustrates the standard chronology of events that is to be expected when a resource company is operating on (or near) private land, for the purposes of petroleum and gas exploration or production.

Detailed advice and information on each of the chronological steps on the Roadmap can be found in the full version of The Gas Guide 2.0.

On New Ground 

The On New Ground Report details the Commission’s experiences in its dealings with governments, onshore gas developers, rural landholders and communities who either by design or coincidence played integral roles in the most significant resource development story in Australia’s recent history.

The report detailed the learnings taken from key milestones from within the “invention” of Queensland’s export coal seam gas industry – from the community unease in the Surat Basin in 2010, through to the first export shipment of liquefied natural gas from Gladstone in 2015.

By publishing these findings the Commission aims to educate all stakeholders within Queensland’s onshore gas industry on how best to approach industry development for the benefit of all those involved, leading to a sustainable level of coexistence.