23 February 2023

New Shared Landscapes – Industry Trends report released

In its continued commitment to keeping Queenslanders informed about development trends in the gas industry, including how the industry interacts with the state’s agricultural sector and host communities, the GasFields Commission Queensland has released the latest Shared Landscapes – Industry Trends report.

Shared Landscapes acknowledges that while there are many different factors that relate to the prosperity of regional communities, the focus is the interrelationship between the agricultural and resources sectors.

The report provides detailed information and trends about the gas industry including exploration and development activity, economic data, gas infrastructure, scientific insights, regulation and compliance performance, social contribution and commentary around sustainable coexistence.

It also provides complementary data and information about the agricultural sector.

Shared Landscapes is a reflection of how gas, agriculture and rural and regional communities are operating side by side in a shared landscape, while making vital and ongoing contributions to Queensland’s economy and social wellbeing.

Sustainable coexistence hinges on mutually beneficial outcomes for communities that host gas activities. For this to occur the agricultural and resources sectors must continue to work in partnership to ensure balance and prosperity.

As Queensland’s onshore gas industry continues to expand, it is important that trust, transparency, respectful communication and information sharing is facilitated between all stakeholders.

Maintaining the social licence of Queensland’s onshore gas industry and achieving sustainable coexistence with rural landholders and regional communities is essential for the industry’s continued success.

Providing information such as that contained in Shared Landscapes ensures communities and stakeholders are kept informed about the progress of the industry, latest development trends, trends in regulation and performance and ultimately how the industry is operating in unison with other key components of Queensland’s rural and regional communities.

View the report here.

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